DLP Custom Finishes is a licensed construction contractor operating in North Carolina and South Carolina. We have the capabilities and experience to take your project from concept to creation


Our founder Daniel De La Pena is a graduate of the Architecture School of the University of Miami. We believe both literally and figuratively that “Design Comes First”. We have the capabilities to help you from day one of your project. Lets us bring your concept to life.


Planning and managing a project properly is the key element to a successful and profitable outcome. Our knowledge, training, and experience in the construction industry gives us an edge on any project. It also allows us to have clear communications with major stakeholders. If you can imagine it we can get it built in an orderly and efficient way.


DLP Custom Finishes is a licensed construction contractor in both North Carolina and South Carolina. If you can dream it. We can build it. Starting from the ground up we handle every step in the construction process.


Like any great movie, a successful construction project needs a wonderful finish. When here at DLP Custom Finishes specialize in, you guessed it, Finishes. We use the most modern techniques while respecting classic style. We you need it to be done right, look right, and have the right cost then contact us.